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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start service?
Completing a service application is the first step. It only takes a couple minutes, and can be easily obtained by clicking on the link below, or contacting the Melrose Office 320-256-3680. After you return the completed application, a service representative will call you.

What are the propane delivery options?
There are 2 options for propane delivery. The SCHEDULED DELIVERY system is our automatic system that is designed to alert us when you need a delivery. We track weather information and your propane usage to determine when a delivery should be made. The Scheduled Delivery system is available to accounts whose balance never goes over 30 days.

The WILL CALL option allows you to have us make deliveries only when you call. This is the best plan for customers whose usage is for appliances only, or for back-up heat systems that have propane usage that is not as predictable as main heat systems. You check your gauge and call when you need a delivery.

Please allow at least 24 hours notice for deliveries. In many cases we are able to do deliveries the same day you call, but we don’t want to run the risk of your tank running out. You can easily avoid service charges and after-hours or weekend delivery fees by calling a few days before you need propane.

How do I read my gauge?
The gauge is easily found when you lift the dome of the propane tank. When the dial reaches the 20% mark, it is a good time to call and schedule a delivery. Simply call Rahn’s Oil & Propane  320-256-3680.

If you are on the Scheduled Delivery System, we should arrive by the time your gauge says 20%, but if we are not there, please call and we will do a delivery right away.

Who owns the tank?
In most cases, Rahn’s Oil & Propane, Inc. owns and maintains the tank and tank regulator. If the tank is the property of Rahn’s Oil & Propane, we are the only propane company who can make deliveries to the tank or do any service work on the equipment. If you own your own tank, we will be happy to provide you with propane or any service work on your equipment.

What if I run out of propane?
If you run out of propane, call us immediately. We will need to know why your tank ran out of propane and that the system is safe before it is put back into operation.

If the tank went empty because our scheduled delivery system failed, we will do a delivery and perform the safety check and furnace/appliance relights without a service charge. If the tank went empty due to reasons not related to our delivery system, there may be service charges for the delivery, and safety check/relight process.

How does payment work?
When propane deliveries are made, the technician will leave an invoice and handy return envelope for your payment.

Payments received in our office within 10 days of delivery qualify for a discount. Unpaid balances after 30 will be subject to finance charges. In some cases, payment will be required upon delivery.

A Pre-Buy Contract is offered each year. If you currently have our propane service you should automatically receive a Pre-Buy Contract letter in the mail in the late spring or early summer. If you do not have our service, and are thinking of switching, call us and we will be happy to send the contract information to you.

Service Termination and Tank Removal
Rahn’s Oil & Propane (ROP) may disconnect service or remove its tank if an ROP associate finds hazardous conditions, if unauthorized use of the service is discovered or if an account remains past due.

Safe! Reliable! Affordable! Clean!
Propane is a safe, clean, versatile fuel. It can be used as a main heat source or back-up heat source. It is perfect for appliances in your every-day life! Fireplace, convection oven, backyard grill, clothes dryer, range, griddle, grill top, spa or pool.

You will notice the exceptional service by our knowledgeable, trained professionals. Drivers are certified by the MN Propane Gas Association in propane safety and delivery. They attend yearly safety classes in order to stay current on new procedures and continue their never-ending mission of safety and service.The team members at Rahn’s Oil & Propane work together to provide the best possible service.


Our Tanks Blend In. Our Service Stands Out!


Remember, propane is a versatile and safe fuel source, but as it is with any energy source, certain precautions must be taken!

If you need service on your propane appliances or furnace you must have a propane-certified person do the work.

Any time you move, add, remove or make changes to your propane-powered furnace or appliances, you must let us know.

If you plan to do any remodeling or landscape work, please call us for propane line location. Gopher State One Call does NOT locate propane lines.

Propane Efficiency Tips

For more information about Propane Safety, please check our Propane Safety Page.