schaeffers fuel additive add to current fuel prices for a great comboIt’s that time of year when we not only see the snowbirds heading south, but also notice diesel prices heading south! With year-end planning underway in many sectors, and diesel and gas prices at levels we haven’t seen in quite a while, it’s an excellent time to call Rahn’s Oil & Propane to discuss fuel and gas contracts.

At Rahn’s Oil & Propane, you will receive quality diesel fuel with top-quality Schaefer additive at the most competitive price in central Minnesota. We offer Prebuy and Pay As You Go contracts, as well as options to purchase or lease fuel barrels. Additionally, we provide tank monitors for ‘keep full’ to ensure you always have the product when you need it.

Call our office at 320-256-3680 to discuss your fuel contract needs! Our delightful Customer Service ninjas are waiting to take your call! Or, you can reach out to Ann Hess, Sales Manager, for questions about diesel and gas pricing.