All of us parents and scouts in Troop 68 wish to say “Thank you very much!” for supporting our Spring Breakfast Fundraiser! In Scouts, part of our Scout Law is to be kind, and we want to recognize your kindness to us in supporting these youths as they learn valuable life lessons.

– Sincerely, Troop 68 Scouts & Parents/Leaders

Thank you for putting the prayer for farmers in the Morrison County Record Farm & Country. It’s good to have it published where thousands will see it. Farm families certainly need God’s blessings – as does our whole world. May the blessings of the God be upon you and your business.
– Bob and Cecelia S.

Thank you guys for all your hard work and for all that you do! We’re sure it’s been a busy winter for you, and we’re fortunate to be your customers.
– Josh and Jottanna V.