We’d like to introduce you to Amanda Kirsling, the Store Manager at Ripley 1 Stop. Amanda joined the Ripley 1 Stop team in December 2016 and was promoted to Store Manager in August of 2020. We are thankful for Amanda’s service and dedication to Ripley 1 Stop, the community, customers, and staff. Thank you very much, Amanda!

Meet Amanda

Amanda Kirsling, Ripley 1 Stop Store Manager

Amanda Kirsling, Ripley 1 Stop Store Manager

Managing Ripley 1 Stop involves a variety of leadership duties for Amanda. In her job as store manager Amanda works with her team and customers on a daily basis. As a manager, she is problem solving, hiring, training and coaching the team. She is in charge of the scheduling, ordering, inventory, and overall making the store the best for the customer experience. She loves to continually learn new things to bring challenge and growth.

What she loves most about working at Ripley 1 Stop is being located directly in front of Camp Ripley. The team has the opportunity to meet customers from all over the world as soldiers come in and out of the camp. She loves the interaction with all of the customers but what makes it even more wonderful is the bond that you form with the local or regular customers. Amanda puts her skills to work on a daily basis being organized with the daily paperwork, multi-tasking in a very fast paced busy environment. She is a good listener, team player and makes work fun! She loves her job and what she brings to the business to grow it even more.

In her free time she loves spending time with her family. They like to play board games, watch movies, play cards and be outside. Her kids keep her busy going on bike rides, walks, swimming, fishing, sledding, 4 wheeling, ice skating and anything to be outside keeping her family busy and safe. She also loves to read mystery/thriller and drama books. Amanda is a dedicated and important part of the Ripley 1 Stop and Rahn’s Oil & Propane team. We’re lucky to work with her. Say hello next time you visit Ripley 1 Stop!

Ripley 1 Stop

Ripley 1 Stop is a convenience store and gas station located at 21586 Grouse Road, Little Falls, MN 56345. Reach them by phone at 320-632-2899. This is one of eight fuel stations that Rahn’s Oil & Propane owns across central Minnesota.


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