We’d like to introduce you to another outstanding member of our Rahn’s Oil and Propane team.


Meet Tammy Kedrowski, our C-Store Assistant District Manager. On a day-to-day basis, she takes charge of an array of tasks such as training, hiring, sales, marketing, and managing the daily operations across the 9 stores in our district. With her extensive 28 years of experience in customer service and store management, Tammy brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to our team.

Tammy joined Rahn’s Oil & Propane in July, and her favorite aspect of her job is the dynamic nature of her days. “I love that every day is different and so unique as I travel throughout the district. I love working with our talented teams and training our new team members. I truly enjoy meeting new customers or bumping into customers that I already know during my daily travels.”

Outside of her professional life, Tammy enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and their two cats, Oliver & Winston. She loves decorating, remodeling, shopping, and going to concerts and sporting events. “I truly believe in living life to its fullest, having fun every day, and putting a smile on your face.”

The next time you visit one of our C-Stores, you might get a chance to say “hi” to Tammy. We are truly fortunate to have her as part of our team.