We’d like to introduce you to Scooby Toenies, a Rahn’s Oil & Propane Gas/Fuel Delivery Driver. Scooby joined the Rahn’s team on June 1st.

Meet Scooby

Scooby Toenies, Gas/Fuel Delivery

Scooby Toenies, Gas/Fuel Delivery

You’ll see Scooby out and about delivering gas and fuel to Rahn’s Oil & Propane customers. His favorite thing about his job is meeting new people and customers, plus he gets to work outside. He enjoys working with the friendly team at Rahn’s and appreciates working with and driving nice equipment.

In Scooby’s free time you’ll find him riding motorcycle, fishing, camping and spending time with his family. You’ll notice that theme of enjoying the outdoors! He also enjoys tackling DIY projects. Scooby has a way of lightening the mood with his entertaining sense of humor! We definitely enjoy having around. His nickname “Scooby” started around 4th-5th grade and stuck. Not many people actually know that his legal name is Steve.

Fuel Delivery Available

Rahn’s Oil &  Propane provides customers gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating fuel and propane. The next time you request a fuel delivery Scooby might make your delivery. Say hi – it will make his day!

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