Propane is one of the best heat sources available for making sure your home remains warm and comfortable, especially during the wintertime.

Heating your house with propane is environmentally friendly, it is more energy-efficient than other fuel sources, it’s reliable in case of emergencies, and it is safe. Although propane is energy-efficient and can help you conserve energy, there are steps you can take to further save energy in your home during the cold winter months.

heating your house with propane

Maintain Your Propane-Fueled Heating Systems

Heating systems that are fueled by propane need regular maintenance to function at their best. Change your furnace filter once a month and inspect your gas stove regularly to see whether your burners are clogged or if there is any leakage. Your gas stove’s flames can be an indication of whether your burners are clogged; blue flames are OK, while yellow flames might be an indication of a clog. Call Rahn’s Oil and Propane to help you inspect and service your propane gas stove or furnace.

Turn Down Your Water Heater

Even a slight drop in the temperature of your water heater can have a significant impact on your energy use. Reducing your heater’s temperature from the standard 120 degrees to about 115 or 110 can save you between four and eight percent of your energy use.

Consider a Thermostat Timer

A thermostat timer that automatically lowers the temperature of your furnace while you are away is one of the most effective ways to conserve energy. According to the Department of Energy, eight hours of lower temperatures can drop your energy use by up to 10 percent.

Watch this video for additional efficiency tips when heating with propane.

efficiency tips for heating your house with propane

A great way to keep your home warm while still being energy-conscious, protecting the environment, and saving money is heating your house with propane. Call Rahn’s Oil and Propane in Melrose, MN, at (320) 256-3680 for free propane tank delivery and to learn more about heating your home with this clean energy source.


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