improve air quality with propaneThe air quality in Minnesota and around the country this spring and summer has been especially poor due to the unfortunate Canadian wildfires. Frequent topics of conversation have been our lack of rain, above normal amounts of dust blowing in the wind, wildfire smoke, and air quality throughout Minnesota. So, what can you do to help improve the air quality? Make (or continue to make) propane your fuel of choice! 

Propane Remains Your Best Choice

As propane suppliers, we’re proud of the fact that propane “has been improving air quality and reducing PM emissions for more than a century by displacing pollution from other energy sources, such as diesel, coal, wood, and charcoal that are used to heat homes, power vehicles, and cook food. Across the United States, for example, more than 7.5 million households still burn fuel oil, wood, or coal as their primary heating fuel. During combustion, these fuels produce very high levels of particulate matter. This is the reason local governments ask citizens not to burn wood when air quality is poor, as doing so will only exacerbate the problem,” according to The National Propane Gas Association. They recently published a great article titled, “Propane Improves Air Quality” which goes into greater detail as to why propane is a federally-designated clean, alternative energy source.

Looking for a few more ideas on how you can further improve the air quality in your home? Here are some more tips you can try!

5 Tips to Improve Air Quality in Your Home in Addition to Choosing Propane

  1. Have your air ducts professionally cleaned on a regular basis.
  2. Use and regularly replace HEPA filters in your vacuum, air purifier, and/or HVAC system.
  3. Avoid using a wood burning fireplace, smoking, and using harsh chemicals or paint fumes inside.
  4. Take shoes off by the door and avoid tracking allergens into your home.
  5. ALWAYS use carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to alert you to emergencies.

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