National Farm Safety and Health WeekWith National Farm Safety and Health Week September 17-23, we at Rahn’s Oil and Propane ask everyone to join us in keeping our farmers safe throughout the harvest season. Working together, we can assist them in not only bringing in the crops but doing so safely. Whether you are directly involved with agriculture or simply benefit from it, this week serves as a vital reminder to value and protect those who feed our nation.

Share the Road: Safe Distances Save Lives

When out on the road, patience and understanding can make all the difference. Always be on the lookout for those triangular orange signs—the universal symbol for slow-moving vehicles. Remember, these vehicles typically move at 25 mph or slower. By maintaining a safe distance and slowing down, especially when considering passing, you’re playing a role in ensuring everyone gets home safe.

Do a Wellness Check: Kindness in the Field

Harvest season can mean incredibly long hours for our farmers. So, if you have family, friends, or neighbors tirelessly working the fields, consider doing a wellness check. Drop off a quick meal and some water or hot coffee. Offer to be a contact should they need some assistance while in the field.

Show Your Appreciation: Thank a Farmer

We owe so much to our farming community. Smile and wave on the road, and thank a farmer the next time you run into them. Consider putting together a care package or contribute to programs designed to support farmers. A care package can be as simple as some band-aids, work gloves, bug spray, gum, snacks, and beverages.

From all of us at Rahn’s Oil and Propane, as well as our locally-owned convenience stores across the region, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our farmers. We wish you a great and safe fall harvest!