Ann Hess on InstagramRahn’s Oil and Propane is a part of the Minnesota Propane Association. If you’re on Instagram, be sure to give them a follow @LoveMyPropaneMN. When you do, you’ll see one of their most recent posts features Ann Hess, Sales and Marketing Manager at Rahn’s. As “the ears and voice of the propane industry in Minnesota”, The Minnesota Propane Association (MPA) is the leading promoter of propane for homes and businesses in our state. In case you aren’t on Instagram, we thought we’d share their post about Ann with you here.

“Hello! My name is Ann Hess, and I have been a part of Rahn’s Oil and Propane Team for 10 years! Rahn’s Oil and Propane is located in Melrose, MN with several bulk plants in central Minnesota. I grew up in the liquid bulk trucking industry. Transportation and propane have always been a part of my life. My father, Tom Kane, owned Kane Transport along with his brothers, Bob, Dave, and Mike. I recall as a child the trucks being parked at my Grandma Lucille Kane’s home. When it was bill paying day, I would be the passenger in Grandma’s big Lincoln Towncar, and she would drive around town while I would jump out, run into each business, and drop off the check. That may have been 35+ years ago, but all of those moments had a part in my life and growing my interest and knowledge in the Propane Industry!

“Transportation and propane have always been a part of my life…”

A slight change from the transportation side of propane, it has been a wonderful journey the past 10 years getting to experience propane as a distributor. I love my job in sales and customer service, and I enjoy bringing technology and efficiencies to our business. Dave and Lisa Rahn give generously to all the communities we serve and have been great mentors to their employees. I am blessed to work with positive, encouraging people.

I am married to Nate who is a lineman. I love travel, anything fitness, food or adventure related, oh and three kids keep me on my toes. At least once a winter you can find me in the Caribbean or Arizona. I love a hot, sunny vacation destination! What’s a fun fact about me? I love getting up at 4:30am, and I love going to the Stearns County Fair demolition derby.”

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