After months of planning and construction, the Melrose 1 Stop car and truck wash opened last fall. We were excited to offer this needed resource and the community has embraced it. We are thankful for that support and decided to add some valuable programs for frequent wash users.

Frequent Wash Program

The Frequent Wash Program is available for the car and truck wash. If you wash your car or truck regularly this program is for you! Many businesses are finding this program especially helpful. It will make getting your washes easier than ever.

  1. The Frequent Wash Program cards can be assigned to individual users or per vehicle.
  2. The cards have multiple options available for setup including:  number of washes per week, number of washes per month, type of wash, etc.
  3. The Frequent Wash Cards are billed at the end of each month through Rahn’s Oil & Propane.
  4. The Frequent Wash Cards can be assigned to a customer/business and be billed or charged to them, or they can prepay for it.

Frequent Wash Program Car & Truck Wash Industrial Vacuums Car Wash

Car & Truck Wash Features

  • New wash facility opened in November 2019
  • Four car wash options available: Lava Wash, Works Wash, Deluxe Wash, Basic Wash
  • Soft Touch or Touchless wash options
  • The truck wash is a state-of-the-art wash with a catwalk. The truck wash charges by the minute and accepts all major credit cards or the frequent wash cards and only charges for the minutes you use.
  • Vacuum station conveniently located outside the car wash. Two industrial vacuums to get the inside of your vehicles clean!
  • Open daily from 5am – 10pm

Melrose 1 Stop is one of six convenience stores/gas stations that Rahn’s Oil & Propane proudly owns and manages. Find all our locations here.  Providing fuel to our customers is what we do with on-site delivery and at fuel stations like these. Please Contact Justin Johnson at Melrose 1 Stop to get your Frequent Wash Cards setup.  Justin can be reached at 320-256-3519.

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