Propane-powered buses are becoming more popular across the United States. Schools are looking for cost-effective solutions that support a clean air environment and find propane to be a part of the solution. Many bus companies also look at electric options but find the propane-fueled buses to cost dramatically less. Buses aren’t the only vehicle fleets adapting to propane autogas, delivery trucks are also commonly transitioning to propane for a cleaner fuel option. If your commercial business is looking at propane-powered vehicles know that we can help.

“There are over 21,000 propane school buses on American roads transporting over 1.3 million kids to school each day in almost 1,000 school districts.”

-Tucker Perkins, President and CEO of the Propane Education & Research Council

Learn more about the movement of propane-powered school buses in this article published in the Baltimore Sun.

Propane Autogas Dispenser

Propane Autogas Dispenser in Melrose, MN

Propane Refuelers Available Locally

Rahn’s Oil & Propane has propane refuelers that we are willing to place at your locations if you’d like to operate a fleet on propane. This could include propane autogas-powered buses, delivery vehicles, or your applicable fleet of vehicles. We understand this isn’t a fast transition and that there will be questions. If propane autogas is something that intrigues you please contact Rahn’s at 320-256-3680 and we’ll answer your questions.


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