propane monitor on Rahn's tanks At Rahn’s Oil & Propane, we’re always looking for ways to enhance the service we provide to our valued customers. Propane tank monitors are now a standard feature on tanks delivered to all new customers. However, they can be added to existing tanks! If you’re a long-time customer who has a tank that does not have a monitor, we’ll add one for you at no additional cost.

Propane Tank Monitors Offer Many Key Benefits

  1. Monitors are placed on the propane tank and the percentage is translated via a cellular network.
  2. When your tank reaches 20% we automatically refill your tank, which is really convenient.
  3. Automatic fill means you never have to worry about running out of propane again.
  4. Understand and monitor your propane consumption patterns using the monitor & app.
  5. Enhanced safety with early detection of drops in propane levels.
  6. Monitor your propane levels from the app on your phone when away from home and ensure your property always remains heated.
  7. Step in and help neighbors while they’re away with monitoring and communication of their propane usage and needs.

We’re dedicated to not only providing you with propane, but also peace of mind, and assurance that your comfort and safety are always our top priorities. If you don’t have a monitor on your tank, give us a call today (320) 256-3680 or simply request a tank monitor online.