It isn’t every day that someone from Rahn’s Oil & Propane gets featured in MotorWeek Auto World. Tim Rahn just had that opportunity and he did a great job representing Rahn’s Oil & Propane by explaining one of our alternative fuel sources.

Michigan 2 Montana: National Alternative Fuel Corridor

MotorWeek Auto World did a feature titled “Michigan 2 Montana: National Alternative Fuel Corridor. They focused on alternative fuel sources along the I-94 corridor from Michigan to Montana and right through Melrose, MN! MotorWeek stopped at Melrose 1 Stop to discuss the Propane Autogas provided at that fuel station. Tim Rahn had the opportunity to share some information about why we offer Propane Autogas to customers.

The video and associated information can be found on the MotorWeek website.

Tim Rahn MotorWeek alternative fuel


Tim shared the following information about propane autogas during his interview:

“And there are vehicles out there. We’ve got 10 or 15 people that stop every single week. Coming through, going to the cabin, coming home..and they support us, they know we have it, it’s easy to use, it’s safe to use, and it’s cheap. The last three months we’ve been 80, 80 to 85 cents a gallon cheaper than regular gasoline. It was a diversity, it’s something that nobody else has in this area, and we wanted to be the first to have it.”

Propane fueling stations are becoming more popular across the country and we’re honoring to be featured in this MotorWeek video as a source. Thank you to Tim for doing a great job representing Rahn’s, Melrose 1 Stop, and explaining our propane autogas offering. If you have a vehicle that runs on propane visit Melrose 1 Stop at 423 2nd Ave SE in Melrose, MN to fill-up!


Learn About Propane Autogas in Melrose