West Stearns CEOWe’re excited to see the West Stearns CEO program in action this fall in local schools. WSCEO is connecting students and local businesses. The new, WSCEO, West Stearns CEO program is being offered at Albany, Melrose and Sauk Centre high schools for the 2019-2020 school year. This program teaches junior and senior students the skills and value of starting your own business.

Students were able to sign up for WSCEO as a class for this year. During their class time they’ll tour local businesses, learn business skills and gain perspective on opportunities available in our local communities. The program is completed funded by local businesses as they see value in educating today’s students and growing our future locally.

WSCEO Visits Rahn’s Oil & Propane

In September the WSCEO class toured Rahn’s Oil and Propane. Tim Rahn shared information about the history of the Rahn’s Oil & Propane business, and how it has continued to grow. Ann Hess provided a tour of the facility, displaying how technology continues to make the fuel industry more efficient and safe.

Touring Rahn's with Ann

Touring Rahn’s facility with Ann and hearing from Tim RahnWest Stearns CEO


Three Things Students Learned

The students that visited Rahn’s Oil & Propane left with three big takeaways regarding their business and tips for the students.

  1. Fuel market prices can change by the minute and be influenced by a variety of things.
  2. Being helpful and making connections, even in high school, can play a role in your success in the future.
  3. The busy season is coming up for Rahn’s. The fall is our busiest time of year.

Rahn’s Oil & Propane is proud to be an investor in this local program along with many other businesses. Is your organization interested in supporting the program as well? Check out the  WSCEO Facebook page or reach out to us. Ann Hess, Rahn’s employee, is on the WSCEO Board and happy to answer your questions.


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