Cold weather has arrived in central Minnesota. That means furnaces are running often and using more propane. With propane in use more often and the neccessity we have for it in winter there are some safety reminders to keep in mind. Propane is a safe, clean, versatile and reliable fuel. Like many other fuels, it is flammable so you do need think about safety. We’re going to share some of the most important propane safety tips that you should pay attention to this winter.

Winter Propane SafetyWinter Propane Safety Tips

While keeping propane safety in mind is always important. Stay extra aware in winter with increased usage and needs. Remember the following tips.

  1. Maintain adequate propane supply.
  2. Contact us immediately if you run out of propane. We’ll need to complete an inspection before we can turn your system back on.
  3. Keep a path to your propane tank and the area around your tank clear. This helps you monitor levels and allows us to fill safely and quickly.
  4. Keep appliance ventilation clear of snow and ice. This allows them to ventilate properly, avoiding backup of gases inside your home.
  5. If you smell gas, take action. Put out any flames. Do not operate appliances, lights, phones or electronics inside or near the structure. Get everyone out and away from the building where you suspect the leak. If you can safely turn off the main gas supply, do so. Once you are a safe distance from the potential leak contact us immediately. In case of emergency always call 911. Do not return to the area until cleared by a safety professional.
  6. Operate portable generators and space heaters with caution. Always make sure proper ventilation exists.

Learn more about winter propane safety from the Propane Education & Research Council.

Propane Safety

We always recommend a number of propane safety tips that can be found on our website including what to watch for and what to do if you have concerns. Visit our propane safety page for more information. Stay safe. Paying attention to your surrounding and taking action if something seems not quite right is your best choice. Better safe than sorry!

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