We’d like to introduce you to Liza and Heather, our newest Store Managers. We are thankful for their service and dedication to their Gas & Grocery, their community, customers, and staff. Thank you very much, Liza and Heather!


Liza – Store Manager at Freeport Gas & Grocery

Meet Liza

Liza is the Store Manager for the Freeport Gas and Grocery. She joined the team in October 2021 and admits that she loves all of the small town feels. Managing Freeport Gas & Grocery involves a variety of leadership duties for Liza. In her job as store manager she stays busy keeping food flowing out of the deli, putting smiles on customers faces and training employees. Liza is responsible for fulfilling orders on a weekly basis, managing inventory, scheduling, hiring, training, business, and overall operations of Freeport Gas & Grocery. She is a leader in setting daily achievable goals and helping her team practice team work to reach those goals.

In her spare time, Liza enjoys boating, board games with the kids and softball tournaments. We’re lucky to work with her and Liza is a dedicated and important part of the Freeport Gas & Grocery team. Say hello next time you visit Freeport Gas & Grocery!


Freeport Gas & Grocery

Freeport Gas & Grocery is a convenience store and gas station located at 203 Main Street East, Freeport, MN 56331. Reach them by phone at 320-836-7152.


Heather store manager

Heather – Store Manager at St. Stephen Gas & Grocery

Meet Heather

Heather is the Store Manager for the St. Stephen Gas and Grocery. She joined the team with previous experience managing a convenience store in Avon for 3 years. Heather strives to ensure that her guests have a memorable experience while visiting her store. She makes sure cleanliness, line of products and customer service are top of the line. Heather enjoys the people and relationships that are built over the years the most about her job. Friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere are something she greatly enjoys as a consumer and she wants her guests to experience those same feelings.

In her spare time, Heather enjoys listening to music, singing and dancing in her kitchen with her children, playing board games, watching movies and just being goofy with each other. In the summer months, she especially enjoys bonfires, camping and family events as well. We are excited for Heather to start her new beginning in St. Stephen and to share her great service and friendly smiles with the community. We are lucky to work with Heather and her St. Stephen Gas & Grocery team. Say hello next time you visit St. Stephen Gas & Grocery!


St. Stephen Gas & Grocery

St. Stephen Gas & Grocery is a convenience store and gas station located at 202 Central Avenue N, St. Stephen, MN 56375. Reach them by phone at 320-253-9508.

These Gas & Grocery locations are each one of eight fuel stations that Rahn’s Oil & Propane owns across central Minnesota.

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