Fuel can be a large expense within your budget whether you’re in agriculture, a commercial business or a residential customer. We understand and do what we can to provide options. Fuel pre-buy contracts provide a solution to help you manage the expense.

Fuel Pre-Buy Contract Questions Answered


Fuel Pre-Buy ContractsQ – Does the customer pay in advance or as needed for contracted fuel?

A – Fuel Contracts are available as Prepaid or Pay As You Go.

Q – What is the fuel pricing when contracting?

A – Call the Rahn’s Oil & Propane office at 320-256-3580 for the most up to date Contract Pricing. We always work to give you the very lowest price available.

Q – When is the contracted fuel delivered?

A – Contracted fuel can be delivered now through December 2020.

Q – How do I request a fuel pre-buy contract?

A – To request a fuel contract call the Rahn’s Oil & Propane office in Melrose at 320-256-3580.

Q – What fuels are available to contract?

A – Farm Gasoline, #2 Dyed Diesel Fuel, #2 Clear Diesel Fuel. Learn more about fuel from Rahn’s. Watch for propane contract pricing coming in a few months.

Q – Is this available for agriculture, residential and commercial or just certain types of customers?

A – Fuel contracting is available for all customers.

Q – Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

A – There is no minimum.

Q – Where does Rahn’s deliver fuel?

A – Rahn’s Oil & Propane is based in Central Minnesota. Our full service delivery area can be viewed here. 

Fuel pre-buy contracts are popular in agriculture to prepare for planting and harvest season. It may feel like spring planting is a long time away, but it will be here before you know it. Manage your fuel expense and lock in the best prices. Contact Rahn’s Oil & Propane for a fuel contract.


Call Rahn’s at 320-256-3580 for your fuel contract.