Propane for gas grills is one of the best and most popular options available.

It’s not too late to enjoy the end of the fall grilling season before the snow flies. You may even be one of those who likes to brave the cold weather for the winter grilling season. Propane lasts long and is energy-efficient, and a refillable tank, like those filled at our Melrose 1 Stop location in Melrose, MN make it easy to always be ready for the grilling season, no matter when your favorite grilling season is.

propane for gas grillsHow to Maintain Your Grill’s Propane Tank and Prepare for Winter

Make the most of your propane and keep your family and equipment safe by keeping your cylinder properly maintained. Check frequently for leaks and call us immediately if you suspect that your tank is leaking. Rust is likely your biggest maintenance issue, so protect your grill and gas tank from the elements. Consider putting your grill away after each use or invest in a cover to protect it from rain. Be sure to clean your grill thoroughly after the last use. One useful tip to prevent rust from moisture, is to spray burners and and all metal parts with a cooking oil before storing your grill in a clean, dry place for winter. It is best to remove the propane tank and store it upright and outside of the house or garage. Always cover your gas line openings to keep any insects from entering the line. If you are unable to store your grill in a dry place for winter and need to store it outdoors, always cover your grill with the propane tank still connected but shut off. Only allow professionals to service your propane cylinder or ask for a cylinder exchange at your next refill if you question your tank.

Winter Grilling Season

There is no reason that you can’t continue grilling all year long, even throughout the winter months. Just remember that it will take longer for your grill to warm up so plan accordingly. Also, be sure to clear all snow from around the grill before you begin and plan for the weather conditions. You may need a windbreak to block any cold winds. You also will want to plan to open the lid as little as possible so that it can contain the heat and speed up the grilling process. Lastly, be aware of your surrounding, wear proper clothing that won’t hang over the grill and catch on fire like a scarf, and make sure there is no ice in your path to the house. Remember to cover your grill once it has cooled completely so that it will be ready for your next cookout.

When to Refill Your Propane for Gas Grills

Too many of us have experienced the nightmare of our grill’s flame sputtering out in the middle of a cookout! You shouldn’t wait until your propane tank is completely empty to get a refill. As soon as your tank begins to get low, it’s time to consider filling up. It’s quick and easy to stop by one of our service locations for a refill!

How to Tell If Your Propane Tank is Empty

Most propane tanks used for grilling weigh about 20lb and last for about 14 hours of grilling time. If you don’t grill often, one tank might last you all summer. If you were to grill every day on a 20lb propane tank, you would get about a month’s worth of gas! One of the easiest ways to check your propane levels is to weigh your tank; an empty 20lb cylinder will weigh about 17lb when it’s empty and will be easier to pick up. Each pound above that would be a pound of gas.

Melrose 1 Stop Auto Truck Repair for Propane for Gas Grills

In Melrose, MN, you can access reliable propane fills for smaller tanks (5-100 lb. sizes) at Melrose 1 Stop Auto Truck Repair, or contact Rahn’s Oil and Propane for all your larger propane refill and delivery needs.