heating with propane in homeEspecially here in Minnesota, where the winter weather can be pretty rough, many homeowners choose to use multiple heating sources to ensure that their home stays warm and comfortable, even when the inevitable winter storms and power outages occur. Common sources of heat for Minnesota homes are propane fueled furnaces, fireplaces, pellet and wood stoves, hot water boilers, solar panels, and traditional HVAC systems.

Keep Your Home Covered Year-Round by Heating with Propane

Having multiple heat sources is a good idea for many reasons. For one, you will have a backup in case your primary heating source goes out. Sometimes vicious weather, especially during the winter, can compromise electricity-based heating systems. Electricity-based systems are also vulnerable any other time the power goes out. Secondary heat sources, like a propane-fueled furnace on back-up power supplies and wood burning appliances, can be a literal lifesaver when this happens.

Give Yourself Options

Second, with multiple sources, you can choose which heating sources provide the type of heat that you need at a given time—sometimes you just want to curl up by the fire. Having multiple heat sources, especially those powered by clean gases like propane, also promotes energy efficiency, leading you to cost savings on your energy bills.

Improve the Feel and Value of Your Home

Some people also choose to have multiple heat sources to add to the look, feel, and ambiance of their home depending on their personal style. Some heat sources, like a large vintage fireplace, provide a homey feel, while others, like our blend-in propane tanks, are not so conspicuous and blend into the background of yards and landscaping. Including multiple heat sources in your home’s design can also contribute to raising the value of your property.

Add A Heat Source

If you are considering adding another heat source to your home to experience these benefits, heating with propane is a great choice for home owners. Propane is a clean, reliable energy-efficient heat source that can power your home and keep you warm even in the most extreme winter conditions. Call Rahn’s Oil and Propane for more information on propane tanks and delivery 320-256-3680!


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