PROPANE! The Home Owners Choice!

Residential Propane Used In Most Homes

Propane is a safe, clean, versatile fuel that is used in most homes.
It can be used for heat sources, water heaters, appliances, fireplaces, grills, garage heaters, and more. Having a reliable propane delivery service is important. When you live in Minnesota propane delivery in the winter is extremely important and being timely is a must. Rahn’s Oil & Propane understands this importance. Keeping your propane levels in an appropriate range will allow your appliances and propane ran devices to continue to function without delay. Customer service is our top priority and getting propane to you when you need it is the one step in our valuable relationship.

Propane Delivery Features

  • Free Delivery Service – no drop charges or hazmat fees
  • 24 Hour Service Available
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Set route delivery drivers – your driver gets to know you and your needs!

Propane Programs

  • Automatic Delivery Program – We’ll monitor propane levels in your tank and deliver when needed.
  • Will-Call Delivery – Do you prefer to monitor your tank yourself? Just give us a call when you want more propane delivered.
  • Summer Fill Program – Normally propane reaches the lowest price of the year in summer when propane usage is less. Sign-up for the Summer Fill Program and you get a cost effective price on your propane.
  • Pre-Buy Program – If your would like to pre-buy propane for the winter, we offer a pre-buy contract every summer. We never penalize customers who may not use all pre-purchased propane, so any unused propane will be given as a credit on your account.

Propane Tanks

Residential propane tanks are provided with a once per year lease fee. The tanks are owned and maintained by Rahn’s Oil & Propane for your safety.

Would you like Rahn’s Oil & Propane to deliver propane to your home? You’ll appreciate our local, family-owned business approach to customer service. Know that your deliveries will be reliable.

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