Minnesota Propane Association offers numerous rebates for people installing new propane appliances in 2020. This propane appliance rebate program began on April 1, 2020 and continues to be available until funding runs out. It is offered on a first come, first service basis. Are you thinking of replacing some appliances in your home? These rebates can lessen the financial impact of that purchase.

Customer Appliance Rebates Opportunities

Consumers quality for these rebates when purchasing and installing propane appliances.

  • $500 Propane Water Heater, New Construction or Change of Energy Source
  • $200 Propane Water Heater to New Propane Water Heater
  • $200 Furnace/Boiler, New Construction
  • $100 Propane Garage Heater in New Construction or Initial Install

Contractor Appliance Rebate Opportunities

HVAC and Plumbing Contractors can qualify for the following rebates.

  • $200 – Sale and installation of a propane furnace/boiler in NEW CONSTRUCTION
  • $200 – Sale and installation of a propane water heater in NEW CONSTRUCTION or CHANGE OF ENERGY SOURCE

Rebate Qualifications

  • A receipt for the appliance(s) must be dated within 90 days of submission/postmark.
  • Any system that incorporates an electric plenum heater or a heat pump within the system is ineligible, as well as all vent free products.

Rebate Applications

Rebate applications are available at Rahn’s Oil & Propane. If you’d like to submit a rebate application for a recently purchased propane appliance let us know you’d like a form. Give us a call at 320-256-3680 with questions. All rebates are processed by the Minnesota Propane Association. We’re here to answer your propane questions!


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