Rahn’s Oil & Propane and Melrose 1 Stop received special visitors from the legislature in July to discuss propane as a resource and its possibilities.

U.S. Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach and State Senator Torrey Westrom listened to issues related to propane on July 12, 2021, during a meeting hosted at Rahn’s Oil & Propane in Melrose. They were welcomed by Dave Rahn and other area propane professionals. The meeting, filled with positive energy, was an opportunity to share ideas and discuss the importance of propane as a clean, renewable, safe, and vital solution to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and agricultural demands.

Propane as a Clean, Renewable, Safe, and Vital Solution

Many propane professionals in attendance had comments to share about the impact and value propane provides.

  • Discussing propane resourcesTim Wager, Minnesota Propane Association executive director, said in conversations concerning green energy, propane is being ignored. He said propane is an abundant, clean, affordable option for heating and cooling homes and powering cars, trucks, agriculture, and construction equipment.
  • Mark Graves, from Federated Co-Ops, said heating a home with propane leaves a smaller carbon footprint than that of a home heated with electricity, wind, or solar.
  • “The current trend to become ‘green’ has morphed into the idea that electricity is the only answer for anything.” Dave Rahn said.
  • “We can’t put all of our eggs in one basket,” Westrom said. “The nation needs a portfolio of different sources, electricity being one of them, but not the only one. We need to have things like wind, solar, electricity, propane, and petroleum too.”
  • “The infrastructure is already in place for good energy options and it would be crazy to walk away from something that is proven and true while we explore and build up more options,” said Jeff Head.

Michelle Fischbach, Dave Rahn All were in agreement that “pulling a date out of the sky” for becoming totally reliant on electricity for everything will not work.

The meeting moved to Melrose 1 Stop where Fischbach and Westrom were able to see the ease with which a propane vehicle was fueled. 14.48 gallons of propane were dispensed in a Ford pickup, at the price of $1.90 per gallon.

Propane is a safe, clean, versatile fuel. It can be used as the main heat source or backup heat source. It is perfect for appliances in your everyday life! Fireplace, convection oven, backyard grill, clothes dryer, range, griddle, grill top, spa, or pool. Rahn’s Oil & Propane provides propane delivery services throughout central Minnesota. It can be delivered for residential, commercial, and agriculture for varying needs.

Michelle Fischbach, Lisa Rahn“We were very grateful for the time and attention that Congresswoman Fischbach and Senator Westrom gave us. We were able to share with them things that are part of the big energy picture. It’s easy to see they really have a heart for the people of rural Minnesota and its small businesses.” – Lisa Rahn

We’re here to be a dependable propane resource supplier. We’re thankful for the opportunity to visit with everyone in attendance.


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