Customers often contact us with questions about their propane tanks and usage. This time of year people often contact us wondering why the amount of propane in their tanks seems to fluctuate regularly. We’d like to share some information about what causes this.

Explaining Fluctuating Propane Levels

When propane levels go up and down at rate that is unusual it is a good idea to question this. If you have a leak or other problem with your tank we’d need to take care of that issue. In the colder winter months  it is common to notice some change of propane volume levels. This is because propane volume is directly related to its temperature. Volume rises as the temperature increases and volume falls as temperature decreases.

Rahns Propane TankQuestions come up after deliveries are made on cold days because it will sometimes appear like less propane was delivered than requested when looking at your gauge. This creates confusion, which is understandable. You need to get what you’re paying for and we want you to get the accurate amount of propane. While people are accustom to their propane levels going down as the fuel is used, questions are also triggered when propane levels increase, but they haven’t received a fuel delivery. It the temperature outside tomorrow is dramatically warmer than today you could notice your propane levels increase slightly. While gauges on propane tanks can’t accomodate the fluctuating temperature swings accurately our delivery trucks have carefully calibrated meters that monitor exactly how much propane is delivered and left in your tank.

There is a science behind propane levels, expansion and contraction. It can get complicated, but Propane 101 shared this well-written explanation about Propane Volume and Temperature Correction. Take a look if you’d like to understand this phenomenon in more detail.

As always, if you have questions about your propane delivery, tank, or propane safety reach out to us. We’re here to help!
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