We’re excited to announce that Dave Rahn, Owner of Rahn’s Oil and Propane, was elected President of the Minnesota Propane Association.

The Minnesota Propane Association held its 71st Annual Meeting January 30, 2020 at the Radisson Blu in Bloomington, MN. During this event our very own, Dave Rahn, owner of Rahn’s Oil & Propane, was elected President of the Association! Dave will work along with Howard Reinhard, 1st Vice President. They will assist the Association Director, Dave Wager, in forming alliances with Associations such as: MN Pork Producers, MN Corn Growers, MN Poultry Producers, MN Blue Flame, MN School Bus Operators, MN School Board Associations, MN Petroleum Marketers and more. Dave’s energy and strong advocacy for the propane industry will be a great fit!

President of Minnesota Propane Association awarded President of Minnesota Propane Association, Dave Rahn

“Dave is a great leader and will be a huge asset pushing initiatives in the Propane industry!” – Ann Hess

Congratulations Dave! The Rahn’s Oil & Propane team is proud of this accomplishment. You will be a great President of the Minnesota Propane Association. You’ll do great things for the propane industry.

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