For homeowners who live in areas with freezing, snowy winters and sizzling hot summers, aka all Minnesotans, the importance of dependable heating and cooling systems cannot be overstated.

However, you may not be able to rely on your heating and cooling systems if they aren’t properly maintained and don’t receive frequent tune-ups. Nobody wants to make the dreaded service call on a weekend or holiday so proper heating system maintenance is very important.

heating system maintenanceInvest In Your Furnace and AC to Save Money

To keep your air conditioning functioning at its best, you should ensure that it is serviced at least once a year—and the same goes for your furnace. Spending a moderate amount of money on keeping these systems serviced today can save you money in the long run. If you wait until these systems stop working to call for service, you’ll find that you end up paying more money! If you need to call your service provider after hours or at an inopportune time, there will likely be additional service fees. If you wait to make minor repairs, problems may worsen and your appliance deteriorates more than necessary, causing more repairs or replacement fees. Consider your HVAC systems an important investment and treat it as such. Spending a little on AC and furnace tune-ups now can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Home

A properly functioning heating and cooling system will use less energy, plain and simple. There is less wear and tear on the system and parts are functioning as they should be, so it takes less effort for them to perform. Spend less on gas and electricity bills and enjoy great air quality by tuning up your systems regularly.

Cooling and Heating System Maintenance Keeps Your Family Safe

Faulty connections, bad wiring, leakages, or other issues within your heating and cooling systems can prove detrimental to your house and your family. Regular inspection and tune-ups will detect any issues early and help prevent disaster in the future. Propane tanks associated with propane-fueled systems need proper maintenance to detect issues, and we’re here for all your service needs. Contact Rahn’s Oil and Propane at 320-256-3680.

Additional Winter Propane Safety Tips