propane powered generators for homesThis past winter was one for the records, but a brutally cold winter isn’t the only season Minnesotans have to worry about power outages. Spring and summer weather ushers in severe storms that can cause home owners, farmers, and businesses to contend with power interruptions and outages. Many are planning ahead to keep life running smoothly, and propane-fueled generators are an increasingly popular solution.

From small portable generators to larger whole-home back up generators, the peace of mind they provide is understandable. Overall, the rising popularity of propane generators among homeowners reflects the growing awareness of the importance of having reliable back up power in the event of emergencies or power outages. In fact, generators are only one of many propane-powered appliances our customers have come to love and use throughout their daily lives. From water heaters and cook tops, to grills and clothes dryers, propane is a clean, efficient, reliable source of energy. If you’re interested in owning a propane-fueled generator, or switching to one, we’re certain you’ll see the benefits of relying on propane!

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