Rahn’s Oil & Propane provides propane delivery services throughout central Minnesota. It can be delivered for residential, commercial and agriculture for varying needs. Many people like to contract their propane usage to assist in budgeting. This is the time of year when we process propane contracts. Check out the timing and deadlines for your propane contract needs.

Home Heating Propane Contracts

Home Heating Propane Contracts were mailed with a Friday, July 24th deadline. However, if you have not received one or still need to get your contract turned in to our office we will be accepting Contracts into the first week of August. Call Rahn’s at 320-256-3680 for contract information.

Propane Contract, fuel deliveryCrop Drying Contracts

If you are a Crop Drying Customer, Crop Dry Contracts will be mailed in the beginning of August – watch for them. We’ll help you prepare for your propane needs for the fall harvest . It will be here before you know it!

Looking for fuel pre-buy information to ensure you get the best prices? Fuel can be a large expense within your budget whether you’re in agriculture, a commercial business or a residential customer. We understand and do what we can to provide options. Fuel pre-buy contracts provide a solution to help you manage the expense. Learn more here. 

We appreciate all of our customers and their timeliness in getting contracts returned. If you have any questions please feel free to call our office at 320-256-3680 and one of our superb Customer Service Reps will work with you to answer your questions.


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