Owning or Leasing a Propane Tank at your Country Home

Transitioning to propane to heat and fuel your home is a great initiative.

Propane is good for the environment, is a safe gas, and will save you a significant amount in energy expenses. Homes all over Minnesota count on propane to fuel their appliances, water heaters, heating systems, grills, and more. However, there are a few things you need to know when making the transition to propane to provide more of your home’s energy.

How to get propane delivered to my home

Get on a Regular Delivery Schedule

Get set up with an automatic propane delivery service to ensure that a regular supply is delivered to your home. Never allow your home to run out of fuel. Even after getting set up with regular delivery, it’s important to frequently check your propane levels to make sure you have enough to keep going until your next delivery. If you find that your tank is heading towards 20% or less, you can take advantage of our will-call delivery service to get a refill at any time.

Keep Your Tank Well Maintained

Although propane is a safe fuel, it’s important to take precautions to keep your home and family safe, as with any other forms of fuel. Make it part of your monthly homeowner routine to look over your tank for any visible signs that you need to have a professional check for any damage, leaks, or potential issues and take corrective action. At Rahn’s Oil and Propane, we lease propane tanks to Minnesota homes and take on the responsibility of servicing and maintaining them ourselves.

Stay Alert

Should you detect any smell or have concerns, call immediately. In addition, all homes should have carbon monoxide detectors installed and checked on a regular basis, in addition to fire and smoke detectors. Watch for these tips from Propane Education & Research Council on what to do if you smell gas.

If you are making the switch to propane, call Rahn’s Oil and Propane at (320) 256-3680 with any questions you may have and ask us about our reliable automatic delivery, and never run out of fuel!