Having propane delivered to your home is easy. We make it a convenient and efficient process. Our automatic delivery program provides simplicity because you don’t have to contact us for delivery, we’ll monitor your tank and deliver as needed. There are other delivery options too, but automatic delivery is a customer favorite!

Propane Delivery Programs

There are a variety of propane delivery options available for residential customers. Choose what works best for you and your home!

  • Low-carbon fuel, propane, propane delivered to my homeAutomatic Delivery Program – We’ll monitor propane levels in your tank and deliver when needed.
  • Will-Call Delivery – Do you prefer to monitor your tank yourself? Just give us a call when you want more propane delivered.
  • Summer Fill Program – Normally propane reaches the lowest price of the year in summer when propane usage is less. Sign-up for the Summer Fill Program and you get a cost-effective price on your propane.
  • Pre-Buy Program – If you would like to pre-buy propane for the winter, we offer a pre-buy contract every summer. We never penalize customers who may not use all pre-purchased propane, so any unused propane will be given as a credit on your account.

Residential propane tanks are provided with a once per year lease fee. The tanks are owned and maintained by Rahn’s Oil & Propane for your safety. There is no need for you to worry about finding or maintaining a tank. We’ve got you covered.

If you need a propane refill simply give us a call at 320-256-3680. We’d love to answer your questions and take your delivery request.

New Customer Information

Rahn's Service Map

Rahn’s Oil & Propane Service Area Map

Not yet a Rahn’s propane customer? Simply fill out a service application and we’ll follow up with you to get propane delivery scheduled. We always welcome new customers – learn about the Rahn’s Oil & Propane difference. Don’t worry about asking the question “How do I get propane delivered to my home?” We’re here to help!

Not sure if you’re in the Rahn’s service area? We cover a large portion of central Minnesota with our delivery services, reaching from Paynesville to Beck, up to Garrison, and over to Wadena. Check our service area map to see if you’re located in our delivery area or give us a call today to talk to one of our friendly, locally-based representatives.


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