It is getting warmer outside, COVID-19 has you staying at home, and grilling has become a nice option for cooking meals. Whether you’ve been using your grill all winter long or you have to dig it out of storage, now is a great time to take a look and make sure it is functioning properly. It is also a good time to review propane grilling safety with your family. We’re here to share some tips to keep you safe!

Propane Grilling Tips

  • Grill Maintenance – Now is the perfect time to inspect your grill and make sure it is working properly. This is especially important if you’ve had it stored for an extended period of time. We recommend performing grill maintenance on a regular basis. While you’re at it give it a good cleaning and you’ll be ready to grill!
  • Propane grilling safetyCheck Propane Levels – Before you start grilling check your propane tanks to make sure you have propane. It isn’t fun to run out of propane halfway through grilling your meal.
  • Food Safety – Practice food safety while grilling just like you would indoors in your kitchen. Keep raw meat separate from cooked meat, cook foods to a safe temperature, keep your cooking area clean and sanitized.
  • Propane Storage – Always store propane cylinders outdoors and in a vertical position.
  • Turn Off When Done – When you’re done grilling always make sure to turn off the burner control and propane cylinder valve.
  • Be Aware of Rotten Egg Smell – Propane has a rotten egg smell and if you smell that know you may have a leak that should be investigated before lighting your grill. Learn more about what to do if you suspect a leak.

Take these steps to stay safe during grilling. Pulling out the grill is a positive sign that summer is on the way. Enjoy your grilled meals!

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