Over the last month, we watched the country experience unprecedented extreme cold and winter weather. In some areas, there was a loss of power, heat, and utilities. Propane continued to be a solid, stable resource. Reliability in a time of need is important and situations like this remind us of that value.

Importance of Multiple Reliable Resources

Powering the country isn’t something one resource can do alone. Challenges, like we’ve experienced recently with utilities, highlights the importance of all our utilities working together to provide service, power, heat, etc. Relying on a single source leaves opportunities for a breakdown. When utility providers work together, support each other we can also see the positive in overcoming these challenges. We’re here to contribute and provide propane as a steady fuel source. The Propane Education & Research Council is constantly working to support and encourage power grid resiliency, this situation supports that initiative.

Propane steady fuel sourcePower of Propane

Propane is a safe, clean, versatile fuel. It can be used as the main heat source or back-up heat source. It is perfect for appliances in your everyday life! Fireplace, convection oven, backyard grill, clothes dryer, range, griddle, grill top, spa, or pool. Rahn’s Oil & Propane provides propane delivery services throughout central Minnesota. It can be delivered for residential, commercial, and agriculture for varying needs.

That snap of cold weather reminds us to always be prepared. Have your energy structure in place and keep them maintained. While we can’t prepare for everything make sure you feel comfortable with all the energy sources that you have in place. Know that we are here for you as your fuel and propane supplier.


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